A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

The Earth is covered by water again – the Great Flood broke normalcy. Ivan – the main character of the game – has yet to fight for his life in such a dangerous world from now on. What will he live for? You choose it yourself.

  • In this novel you won't see the boring extra text that makes you sleep. All the text is practically necessary to understand the whole game's story;

  • If you like a complicated plot, this game is definitely for you;

  • Probably, after first walkthrough you will have a lot of questions - try to walk through the other storyline, they are really different;

  • 6 various endings (2 of them are hidden);

  • Nice ambient soundtrack;

  • And yeap, this is not eroge.

Install instructions

Just unpack the Demo folder and run the .exe file.


Kaleidoscope_demo-1.0-all.zip 352 MB

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